Ehnother Podcast Episode 1

Wow, here it is, finally Episode 1 of Ehnother Podcast. Please make sure you send feed back! I will be posting twitter links, and email links on the sidebar when I get a chance. First off I have to get my feed started.



In The Begninning

This is the first post to !!! Very cool! Tomorrow I will be recording the first of many podcasts! I have a format that I would like to follow. It’s all in my head. I just have to write it down. I will also be recording some things on the YouTube. So stay tuned, and as soon as I have the podcast up an running it will be on iTunes! 🙂 and I will try to get it out there in so many places you will think I am an internet genius! 

Make sure you follow on Twitter!/EhnotherPodcast and make sure once it is out there in the internet listen to ehnotherpodcast!!!