Ehnother Podcast Episode 9

Ehnother highly anticipated episode.  OJ and I sat down for a pregame huddle before the radio show and recorded the podcast. In the next week or so you will be able to hear the radio show via podcast here. That is until OJ gets some time to create a ReelMusic webpage and feed for theContinue reading “Ehnother Podcast Episode 9”

Ehnother Podcast Episode 8

Hey friends here is episode 8 of the series. I sat down with Aaron Beaudry this time and did some good discussions about all things going on. It was great! Follow Aaron on twitter if you like and to see the video he shot on youtube refer to the embedded video below!

September 11 2012 (11 Years after)

Today is the 11th year anniversary of the attacks on the United States of America. George Bush was in a school reading to school children, and I remember the day vividly. I am Canadian and it hasn’t affected me as much as the Americans. But that being said we the Canadians and Americans are like step siblings.Continue reading “September 11 2012 (11 Years after)”