Ehnother Podcast Episode 9

Ehnother highly anticipated episode.  OJ and I sat down for a pregame huddle before the radio show and recorded the podcast. In the next week or so you will be able to hear the radio show via podcast here. That is until OJ gets some time to create a ReelMusic webpage and feed for the podcast. But until then it will find a home here in case you miss the show live on CKLU 96.7 in Sudbury Ontario. I hope you enjoy the show. Please like the page, I will be creating a facebook page soon. And the podcast has some great upcoming things. I am lining up all the ducks as it were. So now listen here on the page, or subscribe to iTunes here And why wouldn’t you subscribe it’s free! Oh and a special musical outtro today that is provided by Kidd Russell. This guy is talented people and I suggest right now that you do the following go to his page it has everything you need to follow this talented musician. And best of all you support him when you buy his music. So buy buy buy. I have and will continue to pimp this guy to everyone I know. His new single is C.H.I.

Here is a few of his videos that you can watch on YouTube


And here is my favourite video from Kidd Russell, it reminds me of my childhood!

I think it’s time I see if I can do an interview with this guy via skype as he does live in Chicago. So I will see if I can set this up over the next little bit and see if we can get this backyard hero onto the show.

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