Ehnother Podcast Episode 10

Hey ehveryone, welcome to the podcast this week! I hope ehvery Canadian had a very happy Thanksgiving, we are a couple of months away from Christmas so you better get that shopping done! So here we go, this week I sat down with myself. I recorded a little special one for you, so I hope you like it. I talk about the history of Thanksgiving, NHL hockey lockout, Scary Pete, Kidd Russell, the CFL, the NFL, American Thanksgiving, and news from around the globe that makes us so unique and special we should all have a genocide. Really if we have evolved to this place in society we should just end it all now. That being said here are the video links of everything wonderful in the podcast. Visit to see what he has going on there and thanks Scary Pete for allowing me to feature the music and video in the Podcast this week. I will keep following you! Now I hope you enjoy the show, subscribe on iTunes here

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