Ehnother Podcast Episode 14

Hey Ehnother podcast friends, here is the latest and greatest (not really) episode of Ehnother Podcast. I actually did record a good podcast on Saturday with OJ, and somehow my iPhone fucked up and it is now gone forever. So I am sorry about that. But some great things are coming to the Podcast, I am actually making a network. And there should be shows for 6 days of the week. I can’t wait to get everything in full swing. So listen to the podcast, and if you fall under the criteria send me an email at I hope you enjoy the episode. Here is the picture that I was talking about in the show.

Grocery Store

Reel Music Episode 7

Hey friends, it’s your old pal James here with another Reel Music episode, OJ worked hard this week and brought it to the Radio this week. I can’t remember exactly what big news we talked about but it had something to do with STAR WARS, and George Lucas. So we hope you enjoy the episode and come back for more!

NFL Picks Week 10

It is apparent to me that I need to start making my picks known to the world. Last week I picked a resounding 92% correct. I picked all the Sunday games, and the Monday night game perfect save one (DAMN YOU REDSKINS). However after this fact I am deciding to show you my picks for this week. The winner will be highlighted in BOLD.  So I hope this helps you…….

Colts vs Jaguars (Thursday)

Chargers vs Bucs

Titans vs Dolphins

Bills vs Patriots

Raiders vs Ravens

Broncos vs Panthers

Giants vs Bengals

Lions vs Vikings

Falcons vs Saints

Jets vs Seahawks

Cowboys vs Eagles

Rams vs 49ers

Texans vs Bears

Chiefs vs Steelers

And those are all my picks for week 10 of the 2012 season! 🙂

Ehnother Podcast Episode 13

Hello Ehnother Podcast friends, here is the latest and greatest podcast from Ehnother Podcast. I really hope you enjoy it. I have lots of fun putting it together.

This week, OJ and I sit down to talk TV themes, and why they don’t use them anymore. We rate the ones that played on shuffle in the background. Listen along and see if we rate them the right way!


Reel Music: Halloween (Episode 6)

Today we are happy to bring you a Zombie filled episode of Reel Music, this is the last special one for this week as we are caught up to the current instalment of Reel Music. As I’ve stated before as long as OJ wants to host them here, then it’s no problem. Ehnother Podcast will host it! This week on the show we had Rob Sacchetto, or as I like to call him Rob Sacchetto Mr Zombie Himself. And you will see why I call him that. He was a great guest for Reel Music, and I had so much fun doing the show a great time was had by all. Good job with the guest selection OJ. Okay now back to Rob, if you want to help him out with any of his stuff you can visit the following websites and click everything, see everything he does, that’s my recommendation.