Reel Music: Halloween (Episode 6)

Today we are happy to bring you a Zombie filled episode of Reel Music, this is the last special one for this week as we are caught up to the current instalment of Reel Music. As I’ve stated before as long as OJ wants to host them here, then it’s no problem. Ehnother Podcast will host it! This week on the show we had Rob Sacchetto, or as I like to call him Rob Sacchetto Mr Zombie Himself. And you will see why I call him that. He was a great guest for Reel Music, and I had so much fun doing the show a great time was had by all. Good job with the guest selection OJ. Okay now back to Rob, if you want to help him out with any of his stuff you can visit the following websites and click everything, see everything he does, that’s my recommendation.

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