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Hello Ehnother Podcast fans! I have so much to tell you! I am excited, and really words on print, screen, or any other type of media can’t express my JOY! A few years ago I was inspired by a friend and a very talented man called Nick Tann. He started a podcast called Is This Thing On? It features independent music artists. There is some really great stuff on that podcast and is a weekly download that I listen to faithfully. Anyhow look him up it’s well worth your time! So back to my story. I was sitting there bored on the weekends and decided to start a weekly podcast. This was going to be easy I thought. It turns out you need to host your files somewhere and free isn’t the way to go. It never worked properly. And was an epic fail at most. I started the Crazy Cubicle! It was fun I think there may have been about 20 episodes or so, and the frustration set in. It was boring and it was unreliable. I then embarked on setting up the Rambling Canadian. And most likely you can find some mp3s online somewhere. I was doing it for a while and even it ran its course. I was doing it all for free again. Except paying for a web domain. Another losing formula. So now I started I paid for storage space and everything fell into place. I started podcasting and then started including a co-host for most of the shows. OJ has been awesome and we have great fun doing it. We then do a proper radio show on Saturdays (most times right after podcasting for a few hours). We started to record it and host it to podcast it. The idea was to get a webpage for it and do it separately. After some discussion with OJ we decided to keep it on here. I mean why pay for a web address and storage for just me. A few weeks ago we discussed making it a network. The idea that there could be people visiting the site every day got me excited. And just yesterday on 12-12-12 we added Warlock Wednesdays to which after hearing Ray do the podcast I was even more excited that this network will work. And for now the three shows are three friends that do something special each week for a network that I created! I glad to share this site with my friends and the world. Soon we will add a Sunday cartoon series, not animation. But rather an actual panel comic strip. Mikey I can’t wait until you get me some stuff! So now I am sending out a roll call! To my fellow Canadians! I am looking for 3 more shows. Thursday, Friday and Saturday! One of these days could be yours! All you have to do is email me and we can discuss the details!

I am really hoping to get this going, and I know how hard it is to get a podcast going and trying to do it for free! So I am offering to host you for free, you know to get my moneys worth out of this. It could be you!


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