Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 12

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Ehnother Warlock Hour here for you with Warlock Wednesday Episode #12. Comic releases revealed, box office reports. Awards time of year… The best… and the Worst in the world of movies. Razzies are handed out to the worst movies of 2012, while the Oscars go to the so called Best of 2012. How did I do with my picks? Not so well, but you will hear all about it. Also, gaming news and NHL reports. Enjoy the show, and come back next week.

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Reel Music Episode 23

Reel Music Episode 23, Recorded LIVE February 23, 2013 on CKLU 96.7 fm.
Howdy Folks, Welcome back for Ehnother week of movie talk with OJ and James. This week I get James’ picks for the Oscars, we discuss Aspect Ratio and when is a good time for a washroom break while at the movies. Also Trailer Talk, Bluesday and, last but not least, Super Hero Power Hero.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow and Ehnother Great Podcast, Warlock Wednesday with Rayzor.

Trailer Talk
Jack the giant slayer
Oz the great and powerful
Welcome to Pine Hill


Ehnother Podcast Episode 27

Heyllo Ehveryone! Welcome to a brand new week from Ehnotherpodcast.com. Your all Canadian Podcasting network. OJ and I kick off this weeks lineup with some great podcasting! I should really write this stuff down so I don’t forget about what we talked about! I will try to hit ehverything in the tags! Thanks for listening!


Warlock Wednesday Episode #11

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tedhNm0Cs8M]

Ehnother Warlock Hour here for you. Comic releases revealed, box office reports. Entertainment news that is sure to peak your interest. I also get into my thoughts on film ratings and parenting. Casting news for upcoming movies. Meteors and how to destory them? Sporting news includes NHL updates and WWE results.

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Reel Music Episode 22

Reel Music Episode 22, recorded live from CKLU 96.7 FM on Saturday February 16, 2013!

Howdy Folks! It’s me, OJ, your host of REEL MUSIC. Katka joined me and we did our Oscar picks, as well as more movie talk.
Here at REEL MUSIC we are running a OSCAR contest.
Send us you picks to reelmusiconcklu@gmail.com and the entry with the most correct winners will WIN!
I hope you enjoy it and every other podcast this week. DVD BLUesday, and Super Hero Power Hour as well as some more Star Wars news.
Click away and enjoy the show.


Ehnother Podcast Episode 26

Hello Ehveryone! Welcome to Ehnother Podcast with Episode 26 this week! In this weeks episode I sit down and discuss a few things sans OJ. But it’s a quick little podcast as today is Family Day in Ontario, and I wasn’t able to record a podcast with OJ. I hope you enjoy the show it’s about 20 mins or so. And next week OJ should be back. Or an interview that I may do. So as things happen you will know. Make sure to tune in tomorrow to listen to Reel Music with OJ!


Warlock Wednesdays Episode 10

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVGWqtaAE8o]

Warlock Wednesday Episode #10. Another Warlock Hour here for you. Comic releases revealed, box office reports. Entertainment news including Doctor Who, Star Wars and more movie news than I could shake a stick at. Pacioretty gets a nice piece of my mind too. Enjoy the episode and come back every week.

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