Broken Promises

I was going over some emails and I came across a promise to my lovely wife Terra, that I have never kept. For as long as I have, going forward I renew a promise and make no mistake about it I feel like shit because I made a promise I have not been good for. “And I don’t care how much my stomach hurts, I am going to exercise and lose weight, because you inspire me to do it.” I have excuses for everything or I can conjure up the best excuses with the best of them. When I was younger my mom said I had an excuse book hidden somewhere. I should have started to work on that from that moment. The truth is I have no excuse. I could blame my exessive weight gain on depression, boredom, or camp life that I lived in a remote mining camp years ago. But it doesn’t detract from the point that I have had years to work on this and right this. I make poor choices on what to eat and when to eat some times. I know best what my body responds to and I don’t do it. But alas I am at a point now that if I don’t want to die when I am in my 30s I better get into gear and make the last 10 years just a footnote on my life. To go from a place and time where I started the weight gain to now, I can’t even put into words what has happened. The fact is I am able bodied, and I will be doing those things that I find fun. This summer I will be playing baseball. I start what I am calling spring training next week. As my foot (and this sounds like an excuse but isn’t) no matter where it is in the healing process fact is I can walk on it, and maybe through some solid exercise I can help it along. And I put this out here not to make an issue. But rather to make this a public promise to the love of my life to get healthy! And really stop worrying the crap out of her. Oh and stop injuring myself in 2013 🙂


Thank you for sharing this Diamond Dallas Page!

As my favourite trainer on the Biggest Loser says “Hard Work, Dedication, Dedication, Hardwork” – Dolvette

2 thoughts on “Broken Promises

  1. Hey Buddy,
    Since there is no more Blundell I’ve been listening to your podcast. I came across this and also read the blog about losing the weight “Ehnother Extra Post 1″posted oct9, 2012. Well you said:
    “So now onto my goals to which I will update each month on the 9th how I am getting along. Why the 9th? Convenience I guess, as I am posting this on the 9th.”
    Well if you want me to continue listening to your podcasts, then start adding an update every 9th so that you can keep that promise to your wife and for you.


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