Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 13

Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #13. Hey… 13 is my lucky number… So let’s hope this is ehnother great show you enjoy. Here is another Warlock Hour for you. Comic releases revealed, box office reports. A lot of movie and entertainment news including casting updates for your favourie movies. Comic Ages debate… with myself just listing facts and making theories. Release dates of upcoming movies changed and revealed. Is one of the new moons going to be named Vulcan? Hitting from behind and the repercussions for one dirty player. A prediction comes true for an NFL Quarterback. Hope you enjoy the show, and that you tune in next week and to ALL the podcasts here on Ehnotherpodcast.com

Tune in tomorrow for Teen Talk Thursdays!


Mystique will be wearing a body suit in X-Men: Days of Future Past to prevent the blisters she had to go through on The First Class movie.

Mystique JL

Kaleta’s VERY Dirty hit on Richards

Warlock Wednesdays Artwork

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