Thursday Syndication Show – Is This Thing On Podcast Episode 176

Hey Ehnother Podcast listeners, you know I am doing my darndest to make this a NETWORK. Well I have decided to reach out beyond the borders! Mostly because my own kin folk (CANADIANS) don’t want to seem to PODCAST FOR FUCKING FREE! I take care of everything you just do the work! Imagine a concept where someone says I will pay for it, you just have to do a little work! So I have been in talks to with Nick Tann, he puts together an actual MUSIC Podcast. We are running the previous weeks episode for those of you that just want to listen through here. And here is the thing this is absolutely the BEST music on the planet. None of that shitty Justin Bieber music! I tried the link and it works great. So for now on Thursdays to keep continuity of the page going. You can get it here! Once Teen Talk Thursday comes back we will slide this show to Friday! Make sure you go visit Nicks site and make sure you subscribe to the current feed on his page if you like. It will make him feel good!



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