Sunday Syndication – Is This Thing On? Episode 181


Sorry for missing the past few episodes of Ehnother Podcast Syndication Episodes comming all the way from the land of Kings and Queens, Knights and virgin princesses and prancing princes the United Kingdom. But this music in this episode isn’t your grandparents music, it’s the BEST music on the planet. And you get to hear it here once a week on Ehnother Podcast because of the master of the Is This Thing On Podcast ship, the king of the music podcast castle. Sir Nick Tann!!! well he’s not actually knighted but he FUCKING SHOULD BE!

Enjoy the show visit his page and tell him you heard it here!

Looks like summer is back on !!!

Some great tunes to get you through the day including Esquires ~ Dales Dream, Byng Lewis ~ Ja Love, King Never ~ Push Pull, Kidd Russell ~ Hash Tag That, Charis Thomson~ Barz n Crowdz, Zosh Cardo ~ Scent, Son of Eagle ~ Bones, Johnny 5th Wheel and the Cowards ~ In My Laboratory, Salme Dahlstrom ~ Lets Get To It, Tim Bishel ~ The Feeling of Home, Esquires ~ Dales Dream, Jamie and the Portraits ~ What a Croc, Atari Pilot ~ Game Change plus a demo of 3 am from me!

The best hour of your lives!” -ITTO


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