Ehnother Podcast Episode 43

Heyoh Ehveryone OJ and I are back to discuss a whole bunch of stuff. We bring you some funny this week and an Advert?

Oh heck yes! I told OJ I found 17 or 18 episodes of my old Podcast The Rambling Canadian which at some point in time will be added to the shows I can’t record. We talked about the Molson Canadian add. And if you look about the 1.07 mark you see Pippa you know Pippa? Kate Middleton’s sister? Pretty sure it’s her!

OJ old me about the two for one add from Coke while I craked open a Pepsi (not a sponsor)

And we talk about so much more on here I cannot remember! Hope you all have a good week! And check out the other shows on the network subscribe everywhere! And leave comments! Oh and I almost forgot for you to check out batinthesun on youtube


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