Ehnother Podcast Episode 44

Hey everyone I know from myself Ehnother Podcast on Mondays we have been summer lovin, and by that I mean we have been loving summer more than podcasting! I know that is sacrilegious however it’s fucking nice out and soon it will be fall then winter and it will be damp and cold and I can’t do that shit! Much like our friend Krissy Chula

She can’t do summer and we cover this very awesome funny video on the podcast as it has been HOT AS HELL!

Also OJ and myself we cover the Catalytic Converter as my trusty 01 Bonneville SSEI is acting up and it got the dreaded code of P0420, did you know those little fuckers can cost $1000? Yeah I did, but I didn’t know you can clean it but thanks to Scotty Kilmer and a great video you can learn how to do it his way!

I don’t like putting lacquer thinner (paint thinner) in my car, so I went to Canadian Tire (not a sponsor) and they had some good stuff so in a few weeks I will tell you if the code disappears!

And finally OJ and I discuss Man of Steel because I am sick of hearing people say SUPERMAN KILLED THOUSANDS! He killed one and I have proof! 🙂 Rayzor and I are good friends and he knows and I know my point and his point of views are our own! He’s a good guy and I can’t convince him that he is wrong. But alas don’t worry Warlock Wednesdays FANS! Ray isn’t going anywhere over my views! Infact he is right most of the time, and he has strong views and beliefs on things and that’s why I love the guy! SO as always tune in tomorrow for Reel Music, and tune in Wednesdays for Warlock Wednesdays! And a big thanks to Ray for all the great work he did keeping the podcast ship afloat and keeping at least one and sometimes two shows a week! Good stuff my friend!


Oh and check out Monster Truck! They are going to be doing a festival in my town and I am going to go see them and the Sheepdogs!

Here are the other things that OJ and I talked about as well!

Actors that would have been in a movie!

X-Men Days of Future Past

Contractor tears down house that he shouldn’t have!

Rainbow Cinemas in Sudbury

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