Ehnother Podcast Episode 45

Hello Ehnother Podcast friends! Welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from OJ and I kick off the week as per the usual, OJ tells us about the KISS concert that he attended in our humble home town. How he turned his wife into a KISS fan. I give a small review of The Wolverine, and talk a little bit about super heroes again (wow imagine that), we finally submit two things to urban dictionary (Thanos Scene, and Shawarma Scene) and we play a video of a wife freaking out, and a guy crosses the Windsor / Detroit river……..8 beers and he does a bet like that? Wow!

OJ and I also discuss the Thanos scene in The Wolverine, so if you want you can see a very shitty video of it here. No matter what I didn’t make you click it! ………click it!

Also you will hear my review of the Wolverine tomorrow on Reel Music! 

Oh and don’t forget to vote for your Batman….if YOU were casting…


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