Ehnother Podcast Episode 47

Hello everyone welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us at! This week OJ and I have some gold for you, from a Conan (Team Coco) we have a game review that is absolutely hilarious! Tomb Raider in the clueless gamer

We also discussed a guy who caught his dad having sex with his wife after a family dinner!

A guy who killed his wife and posted the photos on FACEBOOK!

Another guy who writes random notes whilst travelling!

Thieves steal computers and return them with a note?

The pastafarian!  A girl who let some stranger drive her Bentley!

The Manning Brothers with Football on your phone!

And the Washington Redskins name issues!

Like I said we talked about a lot of stuff! Hope you enjoy the episode and tune in tomorrow for Reel Music!




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