Ehnother Podcast Episode 53

Hello everyone, welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us at! This week OJ and I discuss some huge hornets over in China in this end of the world episode, we also talk about a 30′ giant squid that weighs an impressive 400 lbs. And we cap off all the little talking bits talking about Stull, Kansas

And we talk about the seven gates of hell in the world. Interesting eh? Well hope you enjoy it and come back tomorrow for reel music!

Earlier in the episode we talk about the traffic that is brining people here daily. And it’s a good number that is looking up nude celebrities. Now OJ and I did talk about this a while back. But to re-cap what we talked about here is a youtube video that was of the same article. So you can find what celeb you are looking for….and some of you were looking for Kathy Bates………. yeah I know…… here is the video and the movies they were in are listed there for you!

Sick pigs………….



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