Ehnother Podcast Episode 55

Hello Ehonother Podcast friends, welcome to ehnother great week of Podcasting. This week OJ and I kick it off with Episode 55 and we talk about a lady that goes crazy on a plane!

We talk about the new Johnny Storm! We also talk about buying some movie posters. We don’t have sponsors but we have friends so check out our friends over at

And please, please, please if you have a deck you need to seal it before winter comes check out this great product we talked about!

Also we have an astronomical fine that was dished out to isohunt a bitorrent “google” like searcher! $110 million dollars!!!! Check out the link here

And we discuss the first episode of season 4 for The Walking Dead! Great thing here is if you go to you can watch the episodes! What a lovely day we live in right?

Thanks for listening and make sure you come back tomorrow to listen to Reel Music! 


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