Ehnother Podcast Episode 56

Welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us at! OJ and I kick off ehnother awesome week with animals that are weird and some new found ones including a purring monkey, that will blow your mind! Literally one looks like a huge COCK! We discus how some dirty people are still coming to the site to look at nude celebrities! Hey we will take the traffic however you could at least stick around and listen!

The Boy who has to spell Negus

The Family Feud episode that was dirty thanks to a Pastor’s WIFE!!!

A female body builder that grew a penis thanks to some steroids! Some of the tiniest people in sports today! And finally in memory of Halloween that passes this week here are 9 haunted places in America you can stay! And finally how you shoot down a hoe Dragon Ball style!

We cap it all off with a Walking Dead Episode 2 recap of Season 4. However if you missed Episode 3 last night you can always catch it up on they get it right people! An honerable mention goes out to my co-worker Kelsey on achieving 10,000 hits on her cooking blog. Now I have been fourtunate enough to consume some of her baking it’s great! So I am giving her a massive shoutout on today’s episode plus you can go visit her page right here! She is a great blogger and you MUST subscribe to her feed! That is all from all of us here for today at however make sure you tune in tomorrow for Reelmusic!



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