Ehnother Podcast Episode 57

Almost there my friends, but for now welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from I am joined by a little bit of a tired and grumpy OJ but he gets into fine form about 20 mins in! We talk about stats and how we can improve out listeners. We did have a few subscribers over the weekend so SCORE! we then talked about how Britney Spears’ song Hit me baby one more time is a pirate defender for ships! A school that has removed the honour roll! A man that is in some people dreams and giving them advice, how much the X-men Days of Future past trailer absolutely sucked! People getting scared at a Haunted House, Yesus talkes to Jesus on stage, Rob Ford calls into radio show as Ian, how Target has a target on your shopping habbits, famous people of Sudbury Ontario, Skywalker Jay Cochrane, how to improve agents of shield, selfies at funerals, selfies at funerals, old tradition of taking photos of the deadand finally we cap it off with the walking dead recap of episode 4. Hope you enjoy the show and come back tomorrow for Reel Music!

Ehnother Podcast New Art

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