Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 48 (Apologies for being sick)

Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #48. This weeks episode has a few rants, that’s right the rants are back. As always your comic book releases and box office reports are given. We have a lot of movie entertainment news as well as bit of TV entertainment news. Minor hockey, WHL, sees one of their mascots get body slammed, but who’s truly at fault here. NHL chooses NOT to suspend a player who could have pounded a concussion into someone who didn’t want to fight. NHL 3 stars from last week as well as standings. NFL has it’s own issues with bullying and of course more injuries to report. Also, added in last minute is a piece about a wonderful event that took place in Olivet, Michigan. A truly heart warming and tear jerking story. PLEASE stick around till the end to listen to it. I hope you enjoy the show and continue to come back every week.

Heavenly Sword OFFICIAL MOVIE Trailer

Mascot Slammed on Ice: Fair or Foul? Fault on Both sides I say

Olivet Middle School GREAT Story (NOTE: WATCH THE VIDEO!!)
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Joe MacDonald Youth Football League
Warlock Hour Presents: NFL Pick ‘Em
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