Ehnother Podcast Episode 59

Hey everyone welcome back to things of normality! OJ is back this week with me for Episode 59! And we talk Batkid, we discuss the Man of Steel event held last Saturday and how Kevin Smith got a look at the new batsuit! You can hear all of that at Smodcast click here for the linky! OJ and I do not believe this is the Batsuit! It kind of looks like him, but I am sure it’s a cosplay! Maybe our good ol buddy Rayzor can chime in on this one in the comments! He is very wise kids you should listen to him!


Xbox Ones got shipped a few weeks early! I want to buy this camera! It’s a sweet Panono ball camera! Check it out here! A man who opened Pandora’s Box and myseteriously died! And Sacha Baron Cohen! Need I say more!

This frugal couple from Extreme Cheapskates!

Ehnother Podcast New Art

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