Ehnother Podcast Episode 60

Hello ehnother podcast friends, I know it’s been a while, but at least there is content on the network so that when I miss, Ray is there to keep things afloat! Which he has done a marvelous job! OJ and I will be back full swing next week with brand new shows! 2013 was a great year for us, so let’s make new goals and make your podcast dreams happen. This week I go over what I got for Christmas, here is the DC Vault and the comic I was telling you about in the podcast!


Oh and my nice bottle of Adam Carolla’s Mangria all the way from Calgary! Thanks to my brother Sean! (not his real name)


Also forgot to mention I picked up this new beauty this week! I got a new phone an iPhone 5C a white one, so I so need to get a case to cover that shit up! But hey got a new phone which this episode was recorded on!

32 gigs of pure pleasure! Oooooo Myyyyyy!

I also told you that I am going to be a grand-father this coming year, and that I want to be called Pops just like George Carlin in Jersey Girl.

Here is the angry snowmobilier!

And my new game Batman Arkham Origins in which I see Ben Affleck all the time!!!!

I know it’s a short one, and I complain about stupid people, and other people who are dick heads, but I hope you enjoyed it, and come back tomorrow for the Friday Pick’em show this week with Ray and the guys, and possibly me!!! I hope they do know how much I personally enjoyed the show, so if you did sound off below and let the guys know you did as well! We do this for you after all! And next year we will make an ehnother podcast pick’em league available for everyone to play next year! I hope the guys take to talking about hockey after the season is done! They did a great job for amateur sportscasters!

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