Ehnother Podcast Episode 62

Hey Ehnother Podcast friends! Fans! Who ever you may be! Welcome to our little humble podcast network. I like to think of it as not just mine, but OJ and Ray they work extremely hard and I love the fact that I know two great people. And two great friends who love to bring you what I think is the best in podcasting today. So make sure you find us on itunes and if you don’t like those annoying files on your phone. Download the Stitcher app and find us there! Amazing so many ways to find us. Just look to our Contact the Ehnother Podcast Team on the page link above! We are here for you!

This week OJ and I cover why people are drinking the Tom Brady Haterade. I personally love Tom, he’s my quarterback! And they are alive one more week in the playoffs so when I recorded this I had no idea they had won until Saturday night. I don’t drink haterade.

Some highjinx on Jeopardy. Thanks for that Conan!

Also the first time ever that someone from Sudbury Ontario was on Jeopardy. IF you don’t know Alex Trebek is from Sudbury. Well he talks to her a little bit, and then on the daily double he is clearly disappointed. She had a good showing, and it’s great she was the first one representing Sudbury! Good for you Reem Fattouh! And clearly I joke he wasn’t disappointed. Thanks to the Northern Life for the video. And in my opinion it is the primer news paper in Sudbury!

Some other stuff we talked about are.

Man gets selfie of plane crash, ex-marine kills step-dad with atomic wedgie, Johnny Football, Heritage Moments, Canadian TV, Sir John A Macdonald, Google’s Berlin Map Gaffe, How Germans have fun at cross-walks, A student stops her drunk bus driver, The Simpsons Lego sets, The Goonies, Movies you should watch, Andrew Luck, NFL Playoffs, NFL Scouting combine and finally Miley Cyrus topless! Yes, it’s true! I do love topless celebrities!

Also to cap of the show we talked about FRIEND of the show, the network and all around good guy Aaron Beaudry. He has officially entered his name into the hat for Ward 9 of the Greater Sudbury Election this year! If you live in Sudbury and live in Ward 9 go check him out. He is available to you RIGHT NOW! Crazy idea eh? He has good ideas, and you have questions so go to Facebook by clicking on the link to his page for his candidacy!


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