Ehnother Podcast Episode 63

Hey Ehnother Podcast friends! Welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us here! OJ and I kick off Monday by kicking off the show by telling you about the kid who was on the Nirvana Nevermind Album Cover you remember it right?

Nevermind is the second studio album by the American rock band Nirvana, released on September 24, 1991.

Well now he looks like THIS!!!

Nirvana’s Nevermind Album is probably one of the best ever of that era!

Imagine that! And yes I feel old, I am sure OJ feels older, as he is older than I am! Does anyone remember the time when people would wear the Kurt Cobain shirts after he died like he was the messiah or something? Does anyone still wear them? There are a couple on the internet now that are way better then back in the day!

Then I jump right into it, I get right down to the brass tax! I have wanted to talk about something for a long time. I wanted to talk about my hockey team the Toronto Maple Leafs! Basically the question is what is their problem? I have seen the question on the internet everywhere! I have seen it on shows and twitter questions a lot lately from Mike Richards on TSNRadio1040 in Toronto. I have the answer, before we recorded this podcast I looked up some statistics for you. Toronto currently is in 7th place just in the playoff picture with 3 wins. One over Buffalo, but who doesn’t beat Buffalo these days. The Leafs record is currently 24-20-5. They have 53 points good for the wild card spot. WHY THE FUCK DID THE NHL DO THIS SHIT? I believe however that the Leafs problem is the atmosphere at the ACC. Here is a video of the atmosphere at the last home game.

Wow, so pumped! Here is the atmosphere at the Toronto Raptors game in the same building.

Yeah see a difference? The number of suits in the audience. Toronto I know you want to sell tickets, and the majority of your NHL tickets are Corporate seats. BUT YOU’RE KILLING YOUR OWN TEAM! Who would want to play in the quietest arena in the league. On comparison here are the other Canadian teams and how they stack up!

I could do all the teams but I don’t care. I love a fan atmosphere like they have in Winnipeg. If I wanted to go to the library, I would. MLSE needs to do something, and something drastic. Leafs games are not fun for me to watch, and I don’t watch the NHL for that very reason. It’s why I love football, any game all the time is great crown reaction, and great stories. You can’t script that stuff! But at the same time it feels like script!

I saw the best snow clearing instrument ever, a leaf blower! THAT IS WHAT THEY WERE MADE FOR!


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