Ehnother Podcast Episode 64

Welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us at OJ and I kick off this week with a podcast that literally the wheels fall off at the break and goes downhill from there. It is probably the worst podcast to have ever been done in the brief history of all podcasts. That is a pretty bold statement so I will tell you the things we have line up for you. We talk insane weather, POLAR VORTEXES, and the current cold snap, snow wheel we are on. Could it be HAARP? Who knows, but I am starting to believe! We also discuss the terrible news of an old age home in Montreal where there was a fire and up to date (Sunday) they now figure that all have perished! I then hand out an award to a little boy who saved his family from a fire and tried to save his elderly grandfather who was in the back from the fire. He and his grandpa died! So little 8 year old Tyler Doohan, you’re a hero, and forever in our hearts, and on the EhnotherPodcast wall of Heroes!  We then take a break to talk about the first of our 100 year anniversary of WW1 with a story from…….. WORLD WAR 2….yes, and that is where the wheels fall off and I can’t recover. But we have to push a head to stay ahead of the podcast beast that is Rayzor and his very popular Warlock Wednesday show! So at all costs a shitty show gets posted because that’s how we roll!

So the story is that of Hiroo Onoda, who fought in WW2 for 29 years. Yes the actual war only lasted 6 years and one day. But he had his orders to spy on the Americans. And he did so until 1974. Here is his incredible story. Now in the future I will look for WW1 stories. But it was still a good story non the less!

Speaking of HAARP if you love conspiracy theories as I do, then contact me here! 

And we will do a podcast somehow, via the internet, or in person if you live close enough to Sudbury Ontario. I would like to talk about something.


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