Ehnother Podcast Episode 65

Hey Ehnother podcast fans! I want to thank you for listening, and helping us feel special. You are the reason we keep doing this week after week. Plus I also like to hear myself talk. So that helps. But now we need your help! We would love, love, LOVE to move up in the Stitcher rankings, there are thousands of shows and we would love to break 10,000 in the rankings. You can listen here if you like, however I would love it to no end if you click on the link below and listen there! Like it, share it, comment. Do your thing to help us do our thing. There are so many features to stitcher radio so check them out below.

stitcherYou guys are so awesome! Well no on with the show details! OJ and I talk a little bit about the Super Bowl matchup and who we were picking! I have Seattle and he has Denver. Well that is who he said first! We talked about a kid who needed help with his math homework, so he called 911! Kids who lost their lunches at school because of some delinquent payments? Some bad lip reading in the NFL again! 

Some one has some talent! on Ukraines got talent!

A million ways to die in the west trailer!

My Morphin Life with Jason David Frank coming to Batinthesun

Everything is right in the universe comercial!

A timbits hockey player gets help from a referee!

This guy really hates Justin Bieber and I LOVE IT! Vic Dibitetto is one funny guy!

And finally one asshole truck driver in Ontario almost kills a guy and takes off. This is crazy people. No one was hurt, but the guy who is driving in the truck the video is in does nothing wrong! NOTHING! It’s amazing, and the other trucker needs to be stopped before he kills someone!

The OPP are looking for him and I hope they find him or her! This is crazy!


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