Ehnother Podcast Episode 66

Hello Ehnother Podcast fans! Welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us at Just want to remind you that we are available on stitcher radio. You can check out the latest episode right here! Now that we are done with that, OJ joined me this week and here are the things we talked about.

All the people in Denver whacking it off after the Super Bowl. Yes Porn Hub gave us the facts that after the Broncos lost to Seattle in the Super Bowl people resorted to porn to get their frustration out.


While keeping in the theme of the sports we talk about the Olympics, the opening ceremonies are long, I am still not actually all the way through watching it. Just how long is the Russian National Anthem? Anyhow if I was in charge of it, I would have had a picture of Ivan Drago roll out like a pimp!

I know that I would have found it funny, maybe not so much the rest of the world. But I would have gave them style points! Which if you want to see the articles of the horrible accommodations at the games you can see them here. There is however one cool bathroom in all of Sochi, and you can find that at a restaurant called the Red Fox Restaurant. And as I have said we haven’t gotten through the whole opening ceremony, but I have heard that t.A.T.u. performed and I hope they did this song!

Onto the crazy news now, not that Sochi isn’t crazy enough. But Subway has a chemical in their bread (allegedly) that is basically rubber. You can read it here. But I for one will wait a while before I eat at Subway again just in case the allegations are true.

While the Olympics are on some of our favourite TV shows are on hiatus. Some of my favourites will be returning. And we talked about some TV shows that were cancelled after one season. Shows like Alcatraz, No Ordinary Family, and some others I can’t remember. In that we got off topic and OJ asked if I watched Saving Hope. When I can I do, my wife watches it. But Lois Lane is in it. OR rather Canadian actress Erica Durance is in it. Now OJ mentioned a movie she was in and I said she was topless or nude in it. So I proved him and showed him the picture. Sooooo for all you Smallville fans here it is. So when I watch the show I just see this! 🙂


Now while on Smallville we mentioned the first and only time that you see the Superman suit and I was quite disappointed. If you haven’t seen it I have it here for you!

We then continue on with shows coming back, shows like Hannibal, and Bates Motel. So I have the trailers here for you. I am excited. While watching Hannibal OJ’s eyes were wide open!

And finally one show not afraid of the Olympics The Walking Dead returned last night, here was a sneak peek at the episode!

We also talked about the leaked Marvel One Shot for Trevor. All Hail The King will be on Thor The Dark World release onto home video. Check them out there. It may be impossible to see them online.

We also talked Jessie Mother Fucking Eisenberg and his Lex Luthor roll. Yay! Not….. Anyhow here is some leaked footage from his audition. Apparently here is why they chose him in an article that Superman (Henry Cavill) shared on Facebook. Kevin Smith said this is why he would be a good Lex, you can make your decision or form one after watching this.

Oh meet Titus finally, he is a pretty good little baller!

And FINALLY at the end of the show here is Batman vs Superman!

Subscribe to that series, it’s great! Don’t be a douche okay?


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