Ehnother Podcast Episode 67 – Inception

Hey everyone! Welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us here at This week I am all by myself! Yes I am a big boy, and occasionally I get to do it all alone. I do love having a co-host. But today I talk about dreams and inception if it could be real or not? The power of the brain is amazing! So I hope you like this episode. Inception the movie inspired this episode. However I don’t cover it too much. But more what it would be like to do that, and how we do inception every night dreaming. Also I came across a great video which proves my theory that Cobb isn’t stuck in limbo (4 levels deep) rather that he is actually really there! Great explanation, I have never seen this, and it totally makes sense! Could inception be possible? Who knows! Deja Vu?

Here are some of the other articles I have mentioned as well. 5 things your brain will do in 2050.


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