Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 63 … Olympic Corruption

Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #63. In this episode we have your usual comic book releases, box office numbers… though they are estimates at the time of the recording due to when I had to record this week… entertainment news and of course sports. Directing news for upcoming movies combined with an announcement from Nike are just some of the highlights. Age of Ultron news from Anthony Mackie and Kevin Feige, also some TV casting news I found particularly kool.
1. The LEGO Movie – $49.8 million
2. About Last Night (2014) – $25.6 million
3. RoboCop (2014) – $21.6 million
4. The Monuments Men – $15.4 million
5. Endless Love (2014) – $13.3 million

Sid Seixeiro Rants about the Corruption in Figure Skating

Toronto Sun Article with L’ Equipe Newspaper’s Quote Predicting Olympic Collusion
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