Ehnother Podcast Episode 68

Welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us at Ehnother Podcast! OJ and I kick off the week with some catching up. I told him about the work done in the kids room. And by kid I mean one teenage girl who will be 18 soon. Here is the finished product of the flooring we did. We also still need to paint! It never ends it really doesn’t!

IMG_1292 We started by ripping up the carpet in the room. The amazing part is that once we started to rip up the carpet, we instantly found out that there was ANOTHER CARPET TO REMOVE! Something from the 70s I assume. But clearly that is one ugly carpet and we had to make it go. So twice the carpet to remove, and twice the garbage, and twice the work. All because some mother fucker was lazy!


I have more photos than this, however after ripping up the two carpets, we then had to scrape the glue on the floor and lay down some padding. Once that was done we started putting in the flooring. It’s really nice and a lot of hard work went into it. Everyone put their hands in this one and it shows with an amazing job. One thing I have learned is that I HATE doing floors. But once it’s done and it looks kick ass. You feel like you’ve accomplished the most amazing construction feat in all of mankind. It’s not quite building the pyramids, or myan pyramids. But it’s pretty muther fucking close! It’s an artwork, and it was fun, and I can’t believe I am going to say this. I can’t wait to get started on Phase II.

Okay well now that’s all over, we can get on with the podcast details. A very nice girl in China made us marvel when she played the Super Mario Bros. Theme on one of Ancient China’s instruments called the Sheng. It is really cool, and you HAVE to check it out. She even get’s the coin sounds with it!

We then play a video (gotta love videos in a podcast) of a guy that programmed a dot matrix printer to play the Foo Fighters Everlong song on it. It’s quite splendid and very awesome! I have no idea how this guy did this, but I want more!

We then play a little MAC LETHAL, this guy is really good and quite possibly the fastest rapper in the world. Very talented and you can get all his stuff on iTunes and such. Just click on his stuff and buy it all. He’s really good!

Quite Possible this is the biggest house cat of all time. Meet Pickles….I would have chose Battle Cat but that’s just me! I want him, I wish my little cats would get this big!

Now onto the weird stories, I love stuff like this sea monster that washed up on shore some where! I don’t know what it is, but maybe it’s a SEA DRAGON! It has horns and it’s pretty cool. I wish I knew what it was! It washed up on the shore in Spain. Then I tell you about the FBI vault that is online. It has lots of cool stuff and if you love this stuff like I do, you could spend HOURS on it. The funny part of the news is some of these weird and wacky mug shots! Then we talk about some girl looking for a rich to high middle class husband in NY. She is so sad she can only seem to find someone that makes a measly $250k salary a year. Poor girl, I hope she finds someone.

I then show OJ one of the most daring building climbs known to man right now, and literally my knees get weak, and I can’t watch all of it. But it is here for your pleasure.

These Russian dare devils climb 650 metres high in China. It’s crazy!

Then I show OJ Mrs. Browns Boys and talk a little BBC One programming and wonder if Ray will get BBC One in Ireland when he moves?

This show is funny, and I am going to have to get some dvds now.

OJ and I cap off the show talking a little bit of The Fantastic Four casting that will be released next year. I am not sure how the movie will be as not one single frame of this movie has been shot yet. But I do know there is a lot of flack from the internet world and some fan boys about this casting. I can see if you think Fox will screw it up, because that is what Fox does best. But most of the comments that I am seeing seem racist to me. I don’t care that Johnny Storm is black, and that Sue Storm is white. I tell you how it could work in this world. We also discuss some Xmen and other things as well. And that was the end of the show! Thanks for listening and visiting the webpage. Listen to us on Stitcher! We also will have a new shows debut this Friday! Come back and check out all the shows! We do this for you, we have a passion to do this. You the listener are why we do this.


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