Ehnother Podcast Episode 70

Hey everyone! Welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us here at Ehnother Podcast! We love doing these for you! This week OJ and I talked about NOTHING for 40 mins and lost the recording….but in that time I gave a shout out to a co-worker who listens EVERY WEEK! Roch! Thanks for being a fan! You make work fun! And we have a good time together! Now onto the stuff of the show. This week OJ and I talk about my newest collection to the DVD shelf Hunger Games – Catching Fire! I just want to say this in print as well as on the podcast! Distributors, movie studios, production companies GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! I think all digital copies should be available through ULTRAVIOLET! I love Ultraviolet and IF a movie that I am purchasing has it, I am more likely to get it because of the digital copy. Now I am a fan of iTunes, I have an iPhone. But when IronMan 3 has a file size of almost 5 gigs I am not putting that on my phone. Now something has to change. iTunes makes it so it’s in your collection. So if I watch it, it start parcling that data of that movie onto my phone. With no way of removing it other than to restore my phone! That is a fucking issue! With Ultraviolet, I just have the flixster app, and it works like Netflix and there is no data added to my phones space. SO I LOVE IT! I talk about Ultraviolet all the time. And even though the show has absolutley no sponsors whenever I talk about Ultraviolet I leave out Ehnother Podcast blanket phrase so we don’t get in trouble the NOT A SPONSOR. Ultraviolet isn’t a sponsor BUT I LOVE THEM! So thank you who ever came up with it! I LOVE YOU! Now back to Hunger Games….iTunes digital copy……FML. Okay now onto the regular parts of the show. We talked about how you can have your name John Travoltized! Chrysler ordering rare Dodge vipers to be crushed, crushing the hearts of many students America wide. Hover board fraud video, too bad it wasn’t really real. I think the technology exists to have stuff like this, but won’t be available for a very fucking long time! Made my inner geek wet though! An American angler is under investigation for the fish he caught! The upskirt law that got quickly overthrown in Massachusetts! And the recent plane tragedy that is causing some interesting news the day after we recorded with stolen passports and other kind of mystery that we will most likely talk about next week! However the story is really sad! And finally some asshole male chauvinist pig of a passenger that flew WestJet left a note for the female captain! She handled it very well, and I don’t care if you’re a female and the captain of the plane I am taking. I guess he wouldn’t like Star Trek Voyager then… listen bro don’t be a dick!

Oh and how can I forget my new internet crush Kawehi! I know she’s married, and so am I. But I love her talent…. I can’t wait to see what else she has out there, but she is amazing!

And it helps that I love Nirvana. So here is the song she was doing but by Nirvana…..

Well that’s all thanks for listening! And as always leave a comment! Listen to us on Stitcher! And come back tomorrow for Reel Music!


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