Ehnother Podcast Episode 71

Hey everyone, welcome to ehnother GREAT week of podcasting right here at! In today’s show OJ and I get down to the nitty gritty! We talk about some weird news where some twins share everything, including a boyfriend! They have taken some great lengths to look exactly the same. Some Gypsies assult a guy for sleeping with one of their girlfriends, what did they do? THEY CUT OFF HIS PENIS! Police in the UK had to close a highway to look for the little guy! No word yet on if they found it or not….poor bugger! A man flies a flag that is so racially linked I think it should be on the same level as bullying. President Barack Obama gets interviewed between two ferns. It’s so funny, but you’ve most likely seen it already!

Justin Bieber get’s the DICK award! What a douche bag!

NHL Player, Canadian, Olympic Champion John Tavares picks up the slack and gets the Hero Award! He basically just became one of my favourite NHLers in today’s NHL! And if he reads this and wants to be interviewed (for free) then he can contact me below and I would gladly interview this HERO via Skype (not a sponsor).

We also talk some DC Collectables, some total heroes, some NFL signings that OJ and I are very happy about! And the folly that is the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl woes. Then we finally talk about some of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and the conspiracy theories behind its mysterious disappearance.  The following videos are the Doublemint commercials from television.

And of course we cover what new DVDs are on the shelf this week! Thanks for listening and make sure you come back tomorrow for Reel Music!


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