Ehnother Podcast Episode 72

Hey everyone! Welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us here at Thanks for listening it makes us super happy! This week OJ and I talk some great stuff! We talk about the newest edition to the Superman family! BATMAN! I am collecting 3/4 of the total heroes! And I think he sort of looks likeBen Affleck!








I also bought the highest grossing animated film to date FROZEN! And we talk and show you a little bit of this guy who sings the big song Let it Go from the movie in different voices!

Steve Smith gets pulled over by a police officer just to make sure the car he is driving isn’t stolen. The cop gets the douche award this week! But this nice couple from Newfoundland gets the hero award for super nice to some stranded crew members. We also give honourable mention to a bus driver who avoided a catastrophic accident by some defensive driving!  A subway employee turns into Kramer from Seinfeld and heats up her socks in the oven at work.

A guy asks for help on the internet and has no sense of humour! And I think that pretty much covers it all. Oh and if you haven’t seen the 100 trailer yet it is below. It plays on the CW and me and my wife enjoyed it.

Thanks for listening and come back tomorrow for Reel Music!



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