Ehnother Podcast Episode 73

Wow episode 73, seems like just yesterday I recorded the first episode and going back to the roots of the whole show, when we weren’t even a NETWORK like we are now. The humble beginning of a show name that amused me in name alone, I recorded this one myself! I talk about The pope kicking some ass! Sochi being a ghost town, NASA’s new spacesuit, The Toronto Maple Leafs and how hard it is being a fan of a team you love some times, and how much they are made fun of in the NHL fan bases, and speaking of NHL stars and such like that Sean Avery and Martin Brodeaur is at it again,also stars who started out in PORN. Most of it soft core I am sure, but none the less Cameron Diaz has been in porn, check the link here. And she has a very good lookalike who does hardcore porn. Kind of interesting. And I cap off the show with one video. And it’s Jimmy Falon, and Billy Joel doing a duet! I hope you enjoy it and come back tomorrow for REEL MUSIC!


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