Ehnother Podcast Episode 74

Hey everyone, OJ and I are back with a whole new jam packed episode of Ehnother Podcast. We kick things off talking a little bit about the weather and the nice storm we had. Hopefully it’s the last one we have for the spring and we get some nice weather. We talk a little bit about sleep habits and how you can improve your life! How to make awesome hidden rooms in your house! Kenichi Ebina is an awesome dancer, for a guy who just knew the running man, he is really fucking good!

The Wolverine Hugh Jackman does a Wolverine musical on BBC One.

Disney’s Frozen sung in 25 different languages! This is really cool. And unbelievable!

Before I forget here is the photo of the guy at Captain America wearing HIS SOCKS!

Embedded image permalink

Okay buddy, DON’T EVER DO THAT AGAIN! You’re in need of help!

Here is the video for one of the 3 French Canadian Artists that OJ and I can name. Here is Eric Lapointe and Bobepine, which I assume he is singing about bobby pins.

Now over the weekend I watched the movie the Iceman with Michael Shannon. Great movie, however I don’t think it captured just how insane and crazy Richard Kiklinski was. After doing some research it is presumed that he was the guy who got rid of Jimmy Hoffa. So I am guessing we will never know as he has passed away. However if you’ve watched the Iceman watch this, and you will see how diabolical this guy really was. It was an eye opener.

Now onto the story that is so awesome I posted it last. This is what happens when Harvey the Hound forgets his duties. I would PAY for an experience like this.

So that’s a pretty jam packed show! Well we hope you enjoy it, and come back tomorrow for Reel Music! Only on here your all Canadian Podcast Network!


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