Ehnother Podcast Episode 75

Hey everyone welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting. OJ and I kick things off with my friendly bet with an NFL player. You can see my tweets within the twitterverse. However long story either Brandon Spikes is sending me his old Patriots jersey, or I am changing my twitter name! The Patriots have to beat the Buffalo Bills twice. And Props to Brandon for BillsMafia. I like it, and I am not a Bills fan! Rayzor is! So maybe there is a lot at stake here! This is the story that spurred the online bet! We then discuss the NHL standings and the NBA standings and playoffs respectively. And how the Maple Leafs have let me down again! Thanks from all of us at Leafs Nation for another shitty year! We also discuss Canada’s Favourite NFL teams! Marvin Gaye was a premier professional and this generations musicians have really lost out on work ethic! The SNL skit that is spurring some outrage! FXX to do 12 days of The Simpsons episodes marathon. Someone will die watching this. And finally cosmic rays show something on Mars! Well that is it for this show, come back tomorrow for Reel Music!


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