Ehnother Podcast Episode 76

Hello everyone, welcome to Ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us at OJ and I sat down and dropped you a fresh episode worthy to go down in history as being as fresh as fresh can get. We kick things off with a couple of crazy stories from our home town of Sudbury Ontario. A man is attacked at a Tim Hortons bathroom downtown and they can’t catch the suspects. I don’t like downtown Sudbury and I mention that, OJ recalls a story from when he was working downtown. And then we jump into the other story that has people shaking their heads. A DOG Napper!

Antoine Dodson - Hide yo dogs, hide yo wife... There's a dog snatcher in Sudbury!

We then kick off the break with a fresh track from Nick Tann! Yes he sent me a track and I am more than happy to play a song from his album that will be coming out later this year. When it drops I will give you the link. I have heard songs from this album. And I can tell you it is great stuff. I am a HUGE Nick Tann Fann! So visit his page and see what he is up to. The track is called 3am! And when it drops you will be able to get it because I will promote this SHIT out of this album. Nick got me into podcasting and I owe him a life debt!

Now onto the stuff after the break!

Kids React to – The Walkman!

Great stuff that was, made me smile. And if you listen to Reel Music tomorrow *Spoiler* we try to use a record player. It almost felt like those kids for a moment. I want a record player now!

Someone is handing out pamphlets for Jews to register in the Ukraine. Now this story is coming out of the Ukraine and although we can’t read it, we are just reporting it as is. Until it proves to be true (which we hope it isn’t) then we will update. Here’s the thing, if this is real, this is not only crazy, but we thought we were past this point now. Nothing good can come of this if it is true! A Fan’s guide to Princess Leia!  Speaking of stuff from the 80s here is a video game that Microsoft is currently looking for! De-Andre Jordan makes us all smile when he imitates Charles Barkley from Monster Jam table read. Formula 1 pit stops from back in the 1950s to today’s pit stops! A Michigan Judge tells a snickering killer he hopes she dies in prison! Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson has signed with the Montreal Allouettes, and looks like I may have to watch some CFL to see him celebrate some TD receptions! Plus I am missing Football right about now, so this may help me fill in that gap a little bit. It’s not the same, but maybe watching that, and the Sudbury Spartans this summer will help!  And finally OJ and I mention that the last California Rasin has died just mere days after talking about them last week! RIP Beebop!

Have a good week! And remember to come back tomorrow and listen to Reel Music! Here is a little preview of it!



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