Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 72 …Wrath of the Habs!!

Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #72…
Captain America: The Winter Soldier now is holding up the newest religious film as it tops the Box Office for the 3rd straight week. Speaking of box office, once again my local theatre doesn’t get a top 5 grossing film. No “A Haunted House 2” for Sudbury… Like what the hell?? I goofed last week and missed a couple of stories from the world of television, so the
entertainment part will kick off with TV this week. Sadly, we do have some death to report as the legendary Ruben “Hurricane” Carter passed away this past week. TV shows get renewals, and a shocking story out of the world of NBC’s Heroes Reborn mini-series. Bruckheimer gives us the dish on some upcoming blockbuster sequels. Another sequel that maybe doesn’t need one gets announced. I definitely have strong words for Man of Steel director Zack Snyder… STRONG words. Staying with Superheroes I basically foil the rumors about a possible X-Men and Spider-Man crossover… but hey, maybe anything is possible.
On the sports front, we still have some NFL news, sad news for a former Jacksonville Jaguar Linebacker. Also some footie news that got me excited as Manchester United announces its interim manager. On the NHL front we have the Stanley Cup Playoffs where we have had our first first round elimination. Sadly, it was a team I wanted to win, but my head knew the team that won was going to win… just maybe not a sweep like it was. Also, I get upset at the majority of fans of a particular team. Wrapping up this week will be your baseball news and standings.

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