Ehnother Podcast Episode 77 – History

Those who don’t know History are bound to repeat it! Words that I remember to this day, and words that were above my history class in high school. I loved history, it was something that even to this day I am interested in. In this episode I talk about two movies I have seen recently one Lee Daniels’ The Butler, and 12 Years a slave. What amazing pieces of film history. But also what we were doing to our fellow man? It sickens me to see the failure we had as people back then. Slavery, living your life in chains as so many did is so unacceptable. I am glad that I am from Canada and slavery was abolished in 1833. The sad part is there is a history of it in Canada, some of the slaves were African American, but the majority was actually Natives or Indians. I will go further into this in another episode with OJ. Finding this out today is a mind fuck for me. After the break I talk a little bit about World War 1 and 3 men who fought in the war. Lieutenant Colonel John Alexander McCrea, MD, Tom Anderson, and one of Canada’s most decorated fighter an Indian named Francis “Peggy” Pegahmagabow. I hope all of these men’s sacrifice makes you happy to be free. Oh and I mention that bullshit white poppy! Hate the white poppy movement!


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