Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 77 …Cornetto Cycle?

Joss CornettoEhnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #77…
Welcome to ehnother week of the Warlock Hour, here is what you will find in this week’s episode. Your comic book releases will start off the show with the month of #31’s continuing in the DC Universe, though we also have 2 titles that will be coming to an end, sadly. In the box office, we have a new #1 this week, but I predict we will have a new #1 again next week. The normal entertainment news is light, but there is a lot of super hero news to get to. Including a bit I missed last week, but didn’t miss this week. The TV show Arrow adds a new series regular that is absolutely FABULOUS!! I hand out another Douchebag of the Week award and this guy definitely deserves it. Huge announcements out of Marvel Studios, and not good one’s if you’re like me and a fan of Edgar Wright. We found out who the new Daredevil will be this week as well, so that at least is some good news out of Marvel Studios.
In sports, a feel good story out of Seattle as the Seahawks organization does a classy and dare I say… “heroic” …move. I forgot to give the baseball stats this week, but they will be back next week… sorry for those of you who might have enjoyed that. I wish I had done the baseball stuff because my Toronto Blue Jays are actually in first place in their division. However, I do have football news, hockey playoff updates with statistics and since we are coming up on the WWE Payback Pay-Per-View, my predictions for that event.
Hope you enjoy the show and come back again next week… eh?

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Reel Music Episode 78

(Recorded LIVE May 24, 2014 on CKLU)
Travel back in time with OJ, James & The Warlock himself Rayzor.
@Chloekova loved our “MOVIES on VINYL”. We made her day and she made our day.
We get more excited when we get closer to our main feature of talking with Ian Kessner, Director of Lost After Dark. Ian shares his favorite movies, Stories of youth and filming in Sudbury.
Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for Warlock Wednesday.


DVD BLUesday




BOX OFFICE #1 – May 23-26, 2014

Ian’s First Movie Remembering Seeing


Ehnother Podcast Episode 90 actually 81 James can’t Count

Wow Ehnother great week is upon us and summer is almost here, it’s been nice and warm here in the middle of Ontario! OJ and I sat down and recorded this little gem for you. OJ get’s super distracted and organizes my Bluray collection. Speaking of which the new DVDs on the shelf was this one! Fast and The Furious (Walmart NOT A SPONSOR) + Ultraviolet 1-3 collection. I / we really do love Ultraviolet! I wonder if they will sponsor us? Here are some of the things we have talked about in this episode! Some World War 1 unseen picturesCanada’s Titanic The Empress of Ireland, Man in Sudbury Ontario brings  a moose calf to Tim Hortons, Photos of Bonnie and Clyde, Man found in teenagers closet, Child porn arrests in New York area, Jim Irsay DUI, Canadian Actresses, how much it would cost you to book your favourite band

And I forgot to record the baby singing the blues! But here he is!

Cutest thing ever! We hope you enjoy the show, and you come back tomorrow for Reel Music! OJ has a great show lined up for you! And a SURPRISE!


Reel Music Episode 77 … #FBF

Welcome to a special episode of REEL MUSIC. We dive into the origins for my love of movies starting from where I came from, my Mom. It’s a short episode, but good. Mom shares with me her first visit to the main land, some of her first jobs and, of course, meeting my father.

Don’t forget to tune in to tomorrows LIVE show on CKLU when writer/director Ian Kessner will be calling in and talking with us about his newest film “LOST AFTER DARK”.

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Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 76 … #CapForStrat

Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #76…
Welcome to ehnother week of the Warlock Hour, here is what you will find in this week’s
episode. Your comic book releases will off the show with a strong emphasis on the top 2…
Marvel and DC. We get confirmation on a director that some may not like, but what can you do right? In box office news, we have a giant lizard who has become King of the weekend. As we know, it is good to be King, and therefore the powers that be have given the King a sequel. I award a Douchebag of the Week and Heroes of the Week awards. Can you guess who won these “prestigious” awards? No? Well give a listen to find out. For those of you who love the Halloween Movie Franchise, great news for you in the future. The new JK Rowling film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them may have found its director, and he’s worked in the world of wizards before. A familiar name gets an offer to return to a sequel that has been over 32 years in the making. I give you the quotes from Jesse Eisenberg about Lex Luthor and my thoughts on both Channing Tatum joining the X-Men franchise and Zac Efron joing the Disney and Marvel Universe.
In sports the NHL Playoffs are now in to the Conference Championship rounds. Statistics from the Playoffs so far shows a few players who are still in the top 5 in certain categories, but have now been eliminated from the Playoffs. Since James and I could not find a time to sit down to discuss the NFL draft, I along with help from NFL.com go over what the draft means for some veterans as well as giving a grade to each team.
Hope you enjoy the show and come back again next week.

Heroes of the Week: #CapForStrat
NHL 15 Cover Vote
Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lVH3ogPE0w]
Foxcatcher Trailer
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwzL01m_iQA]
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Reel Music Episode 76

(Recorded LIVE May 17, 2014 on CKLU)
Here is a Strange but great episode of Reel Music. This week I share my excitement for movies and Hollywood. James is witness this. We talk Box Office, BLUesday, Super Heroes and TRAILER TALK is 2/3 Northern Ontario filmed movies.
Be sure to tune in LIVE this Saturday (1pm et) on http://www.cklu.ca for REEL MUSIC when Writer/Director Ian Kessner calls in and talks about his latest movie being shopped around Cannes, LOST AFTER DARK.

DVD BLUesday (Steelbook Edition)





BOX OFFICE #1 – MAY 16-18


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Ehnother Podcast Episode 80

Hello Everyone welcome to probably the craziest episode from me at Ehnother Podcast! We talk so much stuff I forget what I talked about now that I am filling it out on Monday! I know we talked a little bit about baseball and summer schedule (to which OJ and I hope to have a show for you every week). We talk Batfleck, the suit and so much more and the hero cat! I am sure we talked about that.

Batfleck and Batmobile

Thanks for listening, come back tomorrow for Reel Music!


Warlock Hour Presents: 2014 NHL Playoff Predictions Conference Championship Round

Apologies everyone, Joe and I could not work out a time to record due to the short turn around between Round 2 and Round 3 of the Playoffs. So I will add Joe’s picks to the comments as soon as I get them in. Here I give a brief review of the 2nd round of the playoffs and of course make my picks for the 3rd round. The Dice had a much better 2nd round, but was it enough to pull closer to myself and Joe? Give a listen and find out.
Hope you enjoy the show, and hopefully the NHL will give Joe and I a chance to record the Stanley Cup Final Predictions.

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Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 75 … Comic Books to TV Shows Galore!!

Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #75…
Welcome to ehnother week of the Warlock Hour, here is what you will find in this week’s episode. New movies that have been announced using the 3 R’s of Hollywood; Re-boot, Re-imagine and Re-make. The Modern Stone Age Family, Georges St. Pierre and Christmas Horror are involved in those 3 R’s as well as a couple of Aussie actor rumors. In my little superhero segment, we have word from Hugh Jackman about the status of a possible new Wolverine movie. Also, on the small screen we have quite a few new series of comic book TV shows coming to us. Shows like: The Flash, Constantine, Gotham, Marvel’s Agent Carter and iZombie all make their debut this fall. I also break down the renewals, cancellations and new series being brought to us in the Fall Season. Including linking below the full slate of new shows as I only mentioned a few that popped out at me. In our breaking news we have a theory about how a new TV show may get only limited episodes. Also, Channing Tatum may be joining the X-Men Universe for Fox.
Over on the sports side of things, I give you a brief recap of the 2014 NFL Entry Draft. Also I tell you who each of the Ehnother Podcast family’s teams drafted (except Jetscreamer, mostly because I didn’t have time to get his favourite team before hand). The NFL Draft had a record 4 Canadians drafted and half of them went to the Baltimore Ravens. The NHL 2nd round is almost over and I tell you where the series are as of the recording of the podcast. Some I like, most I do not. Wrapping the show up this week was the baseball standings and statistics.
Hope you enjoyed the show, and be sure to come back next week for more.

Batfleck… LOOKS Fantastic (too bad its directed by Zack Snyder)
Batfleck and Batmobile
Fall TV 2014 – 15 Schedule: New Shows
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Reel Music Episode 75

(Recorded LIVE May 10, 2014 on CKLU)
We had ehnother great show this week. James and OJ welcome to the studio Rob “Zombie” Sacchetto and Sudbury Spartans kicker, Massimo Cimino. We get Rob’s views on GODZILLA, while Massimo watches us geek out. We talk filming in town, Trailer Talk and, of course, Super Hero Power Hero.
Don’t forget to check out OJ’s first written review on http://www.oneshotreviews.com



Massimo’s Favorite Movie

Massimo’s Earliest Movie







BOX OFFICE #1 – May 9-11