Amazing Ehnother Podcast Episode 78

Hey everyone, welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us at Ehnother Podcast! I have a great show for you this week. Unfortunately OJ and I couldn’t get together I was sick and so was he. So I recorded one all alone on my own! I’m a big kid now! In this weeks episode I talk about a cunt who get’s the douche award for suing a dead kids parents! She killed the kid as she struck the kids on bikes last year. Such a sad story! With summer on the way people drive carefully there will be lots of kids out there on bikes! I talk about the Budweiser blimp and it was floating free and finally landed in the New Brunswick wilderness. I also talk about the recent shootings in Sudbury Ontario. Is it gang related? Most likely! And before the break I talk about a Garson born boy representing in the minor leagues of baseball and making a name for himself! Dylan Reault is his name and he is starting to make a splash! Look for him to be big! I cap it off with a recap / review of the Amazing Spider-Man 2. If you want a written review you can check it out on our new baby! Our NEW Passion! you can see what the page is all about there! And you can hear it in here! I hope you have a good week! Come back tomorrow for OJ and Reel Music! I know he isn’t feeling well, but I am sure he will put something together for you! Here are the videos and the contact form! Contact US! We would love to hear from you!


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