Ehnother Podcast Episode 79 – The Birthday Episode!

Hello everyone, welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us at Ehnother Podcast! The day I recorded this on is in FACT my birthday! So happy birthday to me! It is episode 79 and I was born in 19………79! So it was meant to be! So happy you are here, so happy you are listening now onto the items of the show! A Brampton teen had an epic house party! This almost is Project X in spirit! Although I don’t even think they had as many people show up for Project X! Here is a photo of the festivities!

We then talk about THE HOTTEST WAGS in the NHL! Wags is Wives and girlfriends of the NHL players, here is the link! Elisha Cuthbert is second on the list! Which leaves you shaking your head because we all know Elisha looks hot even when making faces!

I only think that April Riemer should have made the list! We then kept things in the sports world and talked about 10 players you didn’t know played in the Canadian Football League! How you can eat a nice popsicle made from NHL ICE! Here is the Angelina Jolie Friday Flashback! Dr. Dre is becoming a Billionaire! BILLIONAIRE! I wonder how much more expensive Beats will be once he sells them to Apple? Did I mention I record most of these on my iPhone? Anyhow……

Now the next video is of Connor the Crusher, this is why I watched the WWE when I was younger! And the WWE is a great organization! They really care about the fans! Kudos to you giants!

So unfortunately I couldn’t find a YouTube video for the Hugh Jackman interview he did with himself! So you will have to click on the link! Sorry about that!

Hope you have a great week, tune in tomorrow to listen to Reel Music. We had special guests!


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