Ehnother Podcast Episode 90 actually 81 James can’t Count

Wow Ehnother great week is upon us and summer is almost here, it’s been nice and warm here in the middle of Ontario! OJ and I sat down and recorded this little gem for you. OJ get’s super distracted and organizes my Bluray collection. Speaking of which the new DVDs on the shelf was this one! Fast and The Furious (Walmart NOT A SPONSOR) + Ultraviolet 1-3 collection. I / we really do love Ultraviolet! I wonder if they will sponsor us? Here are some of the things we have talked about in this episode! Some World War 1 unseen picturesCanada’s Titanic The Empress of Ireland, Man in Sudbury Ontario brings  a moose calf to Tim Hortons, Photos of Bonnie and Clyde, Man found in teenagers closet, Child porn arrests in New York area, Jim Irsay DUI, Canadian Actresses, how much it would cost you to book your favourite band

And I forgot to record the baby singing the blues! But here he is!

Cutest thing ever! We hope you enjoy the show, and you come back tomorrow for Reel Music! OJ has a great show lined up for you! And a SURPRISE!


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