Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 77 …Cornetto Cycle?

Joss CornettoEhnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #77…
Welcome to ehnother week of the Warlock Hour, here is what you will find in this week’s episode. Your comic book releases will start off the show with the month of #31’s continuing in the DC Universe, though we also have 2 titles that will be coming to an end, sadly. In the box office, we have a new #1 this week, but I predict we will have a new #1 again next week. The normal entertainment news is light, but there is a lot of super hero news to get to. Including a bit I missed last week, but didn’t miss this week. The TV show Arrow adds a new series regular that is absolutely FABULOUS!! I hand out another Douchebag of the Week award and this guy definitely deserves it. Huge announcements out of Marvel Studios, and not good one’s if you’re like me and a fan of Edgar Wright. We found out who the new Daredevil will be this week as well, so that at least is some good news out of Marvel Studios.
In sports, a feel good story out of Seattle as the Seahawks organization does a classy and dare I say… “heroic” …move. I forgot to give the baseball stats this week, but they will be back next week… sorry for those of you who might have enjoyed that. I wish I had done the baseball stuff because my Toronto Blue Jays are actually in first place in their division. However, I do have football news, hockey playoff updates with statistics and since we are coming up on the WWE Payback Pay-Per-View, my predictions for that event.
Hope you enjoy the show and come back again next week… eh?

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