Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 78 … Butterfly in the sky!

Warlock Wednesday Podcast

NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions: Final Round w/ Joe

Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #78…
Welcome to ehnother week of the Warlock Hour, here is what you will find in this week’s episode. Your comic book releases will start off the show with the month of #32 beginning.
Then I kickstart things off with a huge Kickstarter campaign announcement that I totally believe in. Not only do I believe in it, but so does the ever wonderful Mr. Levar Burton. Sadly we do have a to report the death of a legendary author and poet, the great Maya Angelou. I finally have some Warcraft news to report, its especially kool for me since I am a huge fan of World of Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment. A new Stargate trilogy gets announced by MGM with director Roland Emmerich returning to helm the movie he directed in 1994. Ant-Man is looking for its director and there could be a front runner, what do I think… well you’ll have to find out by listening to the show. A few casting announcements both from the new Stars Wars film and a reveal of a cast member for Guardians of the Galaxy. Is Marvel and Disney trying to make things tougher on Fox Studios? Perhaps.
In sports, we return to the OTA’s in the NFL, plus talk about the top 10 available free agents. Baseball is back in this podcast as I did not forget about it this week, and I am glad to say the Jays are still in first place in their division. WWE Payback recap, and how did I do on my predictions? Pretty damn good if I do say so myself.
Finally, included as part of this posting is the final installment of NHL Playoff Predictions. Joe and I sit down and talk about the Conference Championship matches and preview the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. Of course, we also make our predictions. The Dice have lost this round, and it looks like I will edge out Joe thanks to a 1st round prediction where I picked the Habs over the Lightning, that seems to be the only difference between our 2 picks this year.
Hope you enjoy the show, and that you’ll come back next week!

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