Ehnother Podcast Episode 83 – Men Among Men

Hello Everyone, sorry for the late post. I usually try to get this up by 3:33 am EST. But alas I have had a crazy weekend. Lots of baseball, and now it’s Monday and I have it off of work to rest up. I am cleaning and everything else going on. Sooooo here is a brief description of what I talked about. I talk about the slain RCMP officers, and how the Police truly are the superheroes! I also talk about Sudbury Ontario’s first murder this year….I could actually be wrong on that. Tracy Morgan was in an accident when I recorded the podcast as of this moment he is responsive after a surgery but is still in critical condition. So we hope the impregnator has a speedy recovery! And then I try to call into Reel Music you will hear a portion of that on here. Make sure you come back tomorrow for more podcasting, Reel Music will be dropping in your earholes tomorrow!



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