Ehnother Podcast Episode 85

Hey Friends, welcome to Ehnother great week of podcasting! OJ and I are back! And rest assured we have you covered for the weird and whacky news of the weeks. We discuss Aquaman and comic books, YAC reader to which if you like comics and want a nice app, and have a computer or an apple device you need to check it out! I HIGHLY reccomend it! I also talk about how awesome the Marvel Unlimited membership is, and I think the amount of cash I am spending on comics, then I think it will be worth while to subscribe to it. Ninja turtle toys kicks off the discussion after Aquaman, then we have the news for you, a woman gets killed on her way to her bachelorette party! A newly wed couple die in a head on crash (WITH EACHOTHER), Eminems daughter graduates high school (do you feel old now?), 18 products you may want, a tiger goes fishing FOR A MAN! and finally the two videos of the Sperm Extractor and the Iraq veteran home renovations. Hope you love the episode, come back all this week we will have stuff for you! I have a special episode Thursday I just recorded by myself, and on Saturday I will be posting the NBA draft results.

Have a good week! Love you! EhnotherPodcastArtwork

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