Ehnother Podcast Episode 88 – Douche Awards

Hello everyone, welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us here at Ehnother Podcast! We kick the week off with OJ and myself handing out some douche awards, but not before we talk about how I haven’t organized my DVD case as you can see the before and after pictures I did that today! We covered some of my new Blurays which include Batman Begins and the Dark Knight. I tell OJ I wanted to start collecting the 4 inch Ninja Turtles but they didn’t have Leonardo so fuck that shit! Can’t start till they do! So I bought Luke Skywalker to almost cap off my Star Wars set!

And you can see the Captain America and the Incredible Hulk from Avengers Assemble. Oh and Zombie Rob Sacchetto who has been on the network vizavie Reel Music you can see his Zombie Cards! And as you can see I need to organize my desk! Well there are so many hours in ones day! And finally onto the meat of the Podcast! We talk about the giant blue whale that flipped some whale watchers! Then we talk about Justin Ross Harris (Douche award), and finally cap it all off with Paul Bernardo and how he is getting married. Paul Bernardo and Karla Holmolka will always have the ultamate douche award! No matter what anyone does, they are the undisputed king and queen of the douches!

And finally we cap things off with Archer! I finished watching it, and can’t wait until the fall! I think they have to change the name of the agency however because of the terror group that has popped up in the past little bit called ISIS. Which is the agency that Archer and Lana and all of them run. Unless they actually fight ISIS to get the name rights back (not for real but go over and attack the ISIS we are talking about). Well that’s all and now here is the before picture of the DVD case!

Embedded image permalink

And now AFTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look OJ I DID IT!!!!

Embedded image permalink

All done, and hope you like the podcast! Looks like I have more room now! Still have to clean the studio and get some proper mics, that will come! Well until tomorrow have a good one!




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