Ehnother Podcast Episode 89

Hey everyone, there is so much to talk about in this episode, I had to update my computer. I lost all the links so not cool I know. I can almost remember what I talked about with OJ, he tried a new Oreo donut from Tim Hortons (not a sponsor) that he liked! We did talk about my article on one shot reviews, it’s more of a point of view what DC should do in the cinematic universe if they were smart you can check it out here. DVDs there are none, no new action figures. We talk about how DC saved some face though letting a little boys statue have the Superman symbol on it! Good for them, he was tragically killed by his grand parents! So little Jeffery Baldwin will forever be in the virtual Ehnother Podcast hall of fame! His grandparents have the title of ultimate douche award. A girl who was spotted at the World Cup was given a makeup contract by Loreal but lost it due to some hunting photos on her facebook page. Kevin Smith and his statement on not writing a fake Batman v Superman script. Celebrities and their look alikes from the past. And finally the last two videos. Every day football fouls (soccer), and the Batman heavy metal song I played for OJ and part of it for you.

Hope you enjoy the episode! And Yes we did go to the Spartans Game it didn’t rain, they won 26-19 or something like that. Had to leave early as my wife had to work early the next day. You can hear about it in episode 90.


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